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SRV IT Hub Private Limited
3rd Floor, DownTown Complex,
Thalap, Kannur - 670002, Kerala, India.


No 1308, Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Rd,
HAL 3rd Stage, New Tippasandra,
Bengaluru - 560008, Karnataka


Pune - 411005,
Maharashtra, India.

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About SRV

We are here precision engineered for excellence in quality. Our work is to design and develop the best websites in the market with a time and quality guarantee. Your journey with us here provides us to capture it with a user-friendly experience and utmost trust.

SRV, our business sub-enterprise, has attracted a lot of world attention, and today we are very happy to celebrate its 15th anniversary. We are developing custom software solutions for businesses around the world, which is a group of highly skilled individuals in the field of technology, aligned with the dream of building a great technology firm that will positively impact the lives of millions of people. We design and develop innovative applications in the field of software technology. Started in 2008 with 2 workers, today more than 40 workers are employed here. But one of our most important goals is to continue to expand our enterprise and reach a situation where 80 percent of the population is employed.

In the early days, we used to do only websites, and then by 2010, we were doing web applications and institute management systems. The first time we got the work was from Mania College, and then after that, a second client named Ro Khattak liked our work and then handed us over to the work of another company of their own, from whom more work started coming in. So, we started doing only the website and now we are doing innovative ideas like web applications, software development, mobile application development, digital marketing, branding, SEO, etc. in one umbrella. Today, we are the ones who make website finds for many international companies, and we do extensive, very elegant, and literary website content that attracts people at a paltry price. It satisfies customers at a very small cost in a way that satisfies them by understanding their needs. Clients ranging from banks to private entities also cater to their needs and today a lot of clients are working under us.

SRV is our family name, and it was named SRVINFOTECH as a reminder of our earlier co-operative society, SRV. This is our forward-thinking web development, a hosting company specializing in creating strong content and websites, and a branding company for social and environmentally conscious people. We are committed to the best information technologies and solving problems in the IT-enabled sector, while at the same time helping you manage every one of your networks efficiently and find solutions to that in your business as well. Empowering your business globally and implementing the kind of business goals that will help people get into business. After analyzing the customer, the form and needs of the custom software are understood and the issues are resolved.

We have been working on affordable solutions cost-effectively without any compromise and providing benefits. We have a team of designers and developers working for us and these are our strengths. Over all these years, that is, in these long fifteen years, our friendly and professional team has understood the needs of each one of you and has successfully done more than 1200 projects for over 700-odd clients globally. We have placed it in the minds of our customers through encouraging others, good communications, and a responsible delegation as we are confident enough to ensure that the order is complied with as a command. We are extremely committed to our customers and we will pay maximum attention to customers' voices, needs, preferences, and diversity. We are building our success on financial trust from matrix customers such as Ryan’s, lawyers, and heirs. This is one of the ways to reduce business risk and maximize opportunities. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to solve this complex challenge. We take an agile approach towards customers, which is the best. It uses an incremental approach where a sample prototype is discussed with the client. One of our most important ideas is to maintain the quality of the product for our clients. We are extremely coercive and hardworking to do this.

This initiative of ours works successfully by bringing information to people. Over all these years, clients have been given a lot of projects and they have satisfied and succeeded customers without causing any complaints or grievances. It's a victory for each one of us. We are very happy that our initiative, which is nearing the completion of fifteen today, has attracted world-class attention and is commendable globally. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the clients who are moving forward by relying on our services and pray to achieve great success and scale new heights in the future. At the same time, we are also planning new projects on the occasion of the 15th anniversary and hope that everyone's blessings and good wishes will always be with us.

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